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In future the Higher education will the next bubble. Facebook will replace classroom instruction. Textbooks will go away.

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  Date : 11/01/2011  
  Notice No. : 6BC/2173  
  Subject : 6BCA Tuition Fees Deposit Schedule  
  Details :
    6BCA Tuition Fees Deposit Schedules  
  • 10% concession will be applicable to all 6BCA students if the Semester's Total Tuition fees is deposited in one installments on or before 29/01/2011.
  • 6BCA Students can deposit their Tuition Fees in Installments upto 28/02/2011. After this due date Late fees will be applicable in Tuition fees as per norms.
    Schedules for other Classes/Courses will remain as earlier  .  

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